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BullsEye! 8,9,10 Ready, Set, Go!

The Decision to Try

8, 9, 10… Ready, Set, Go!

So... Half of the month of January is already gone. How are you doing with your goals? Have you broken them down in realistic, achievable steps or are you moving blindly into 100 different directions? Or worse, are you still stuck on the same doubts and repetitive cycles of stagnation?

In order to achieve a goal, the first thing needed is to commit to it. Imagine it, research about it, dream about it, feel it as if you were already living it, plan it in a general map, then break it down into achievable steps. Be accountable for what you want!

Today I want to talk about the importance of focused actions in order to achieve your goals, using the numbers 8, 9 and 10 from the tarot as a guide. Tarot and Oracle cards have been used for centuries as means of divination and self mastery. I find them excellent tools to connect with our own intuition and wisdom as it mirrors the Universal Divinity.

I choose 3 numbers, to briefly talk about:

#8: Justice: It reminds us of the importance of balance & fairness. That means that in order to move ahead with our projects we need to feel balanced in the many different aspects of our lives. We need to look after ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. A good way to help bring balance is to divide your day into sections or tasks that will cover the necessary steps to balance these 3 areas, such as planning your meals, saving time to exercise, be in nature and do at 1 thing a day that is related to achieving your goal, independent of what that goal is.

#9: The Hermit: It reminds us of the importante of preparing ourselves to what we want to do. If you want to run a marathon, you do not simply wake up one day and join it. You prepare ahead of time. The Hermit is a wise sage that knows the importance of moving continually and consistently when working towards our goals. He also reminds us that there are times that we will need to go against what everyone else thinks and rely on our own wisdom. If we do not believe in ourselves and in what we can achieve, our goal will only be a dream. He wears a cloak that protects him from the nay sayers of the world and he carries a light right if front of his face to illuminate his path so he can see his next steps. He invites you to draw from your inner strength and use your own light to define your next steps. Remember: achievable steps!

#10: The Wheel of Fortune: It displays a wheel with 3 little creatures stuck on it, chasing each other continuously. This is an alert for the repetitive cycles of self doubt and patterns that you persist to follow. We tend to believe the biggest obstacle is out there in the world, when in reality it is right inside us. We are the ones who choose to get stuck in the wheel, chasing our own tails. The good news is that if we were the ones who decided to get in the wheel race, WE ARE also the ones with the power to leave it! So, Drop the self sabotage, the uncertainty, the hundreds of “what if” scenarios that you play daily in your head. Recognize your fears for what they are: FEARS: Frequent Efforts Ambusher & Result Stopper. Commit to something new. Take a step. Take a chance. Break away!

In summary, numbers 8, 9 & 10 come forth supporting you in your journey. Once you commit to actualizing your own potential, the whole Universe will aid you. The time is NOW! There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to commit to yourself, to your life and to your betterment.! Trust in yourself, you can do it. I know you can.

Warm hugs, Monica Queiroz

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