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Oracle or Tarot Therapeutic Readings

Intuitive Enlightenment

The Oracle card reading will bring insight from Great Spirit and  your Guardian Angels to shed light in current life's dilemmas, providing guidance for your highest good and  energy healing

You can come to this session with a specific question or with a general "what do I need to know right now?".
These readings an inspirational and fun. They are offered online through videoconference or by email.

Together we will:

  • Create Sacred Space

  • Set an intention for our reading

  • Connect with Great Spirit & our Guardian Angels.

  • Keep our time together light and welcoming.

Are Oracle readings predictions of the future?

Oracle readings are not really about predictions, though they do signal a certain path into future. They are more about the inner state of being and what one can do inwards and outwards to improve their situation in any area of life. They do indicate the general direction life can take in future provided the current inner state continues unchanged, which means that direction can be changed if one works on oneself.

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