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Spirituality is different from religion. Spirituality is a broader term that sees the sacredness in our human experience and understands that we are more than just a combination of cells in a body. There is a spirit connected to the body, which is what makes it alive.

Through our life experiences we have the opportunity to grown in terms of values, thoughts, desires and actions. These experiences independent of being considered by us, positive or negative, all contribute to our learning and our consciousness expansion. For some consciousness expansion means to become enlightened like masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and others. For others, like myself, consciousness expansion means a continuous movement towards a more harmonious, fair, peaceful and connected life. In order to achieve that we work with principles of:


Mindfullness: Being more present and aware of ourselves, our actions, our thoughts, our feelings. This aims to awaken a sense of contentment with life, acceptance of self and others and deep sense of onness with humanity, life and the universe.

Spiritual Growth: The belief that we all are capable of progress and self betterment is available to us. We explore the interconnectedness of life and the power of growing not only as individuals but also as groups. We learn that we are not alone and we can actually contribute to each others experiences and alleviate our burdens.

Communion with Nature: A deep appreciation and respect for all that exists and for what nature provides us, on a continuous basis. Nature has many power grid points and we can learn to connect with these points, to better integrate its benefits to our lives.

Consciousness Expansion: A commitment to see life and its challenges through a different point of view, aiming towards unity, balance and belonging. Through these change of lens, consciousness expansion allow us to expand our perceptions about ourselves, our capacities and the energy we emanate. This allows us to feel more alive and joyful in our living experience.


There are certain elements that are part of the spiritual growth path

I offer:

1- Investigation of the clients’ inner world

2- Deep observation and reflection

3- Befriending the ego mind (the shadows of our unconscious mind)

4- Learn to practice compassion for both self and others

5- Learn to allow yourself to give and receive love

6- Connect with nature

7- Overcome limiting beliefs

8- Leave the (un) comfort zone

9- Lean to appreciate a certain dose of solitude


This service is offered with deep love, humbleness and gratitude. If you have been feeling lost, disconnected from yourself and life, I offer you my company, guidance and experience in self development so you can grow as the spiritual being you are.



To start on your Consciousness Expansion path. click here to book your first session. 

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