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Recover From Toxic Workplace

We spend a great amount of our awaken hours in our jobs. Our workplace is a very important piece of our lives and can for sure influence our physical, mental and emotional state.  It is very hard to separate issues from work from our family life. If we are not careful, stress,  constant conflicts and overwhelm can take a toll on our health and our life.

I have worked in Corporate Finance for many years, prior to becoming a Counsellor. I do know how stressful the environment can be. I have been witness to many cases of burn out and sick leaves due to toxicity in work environments.

Every work has a certain level of conflict and ups and downs. That is a normal occurrence of life and our nervous system is capable of self regulate when faced with normal, non continuous levels of stress. But to be subjected to constant criticism, unreasonable demands, threats, harsh words and increased, continuous stress is very hard for us system to handle. It can end up causing anxiety, panic attacks, exhaustion, depression and physical illnesses.

If you are battling this sea of animosity alone, in need of help sorting through your feelings to get your sanity back and find ways to deal with a toxic work environment, I am here to help you. Book a session now. Click Here.


I have created a small e-book on Toxic Workplace and practical tips on how to deal with it. If you want a copy of it, please sign up to our newsletter and receive a copy of it, free of charge.

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