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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I see a counsellor?     


Speaking to a counsellor allows you to talk through your personal concerns, develop new coping skills and increase self-awareness. 


I am a firm believer that you are the master in your life however if you're feeling stressed, having relationship difficulties, finding it hard to understand or connect with your emotions or just need someone to talk to, I can help you to develop methods and strategies to help cope and move forward.


Seeing a counsellor can compliment other mental health or medical services as in therapy you will be approached as a whole person: mind, body and spirit.


I am a counsellor that is empathetic, intuitive and spiritual. I am interested in your story and I want to support you to live your life true to yourself and your values. I, myself have gone through many life transitions and have developed great appreciation for the impact that the proper support, at the right time can bring in someone’s life.  


How many sessions will I need?


The number of sessions will depend on the support you need and the goals set in your early sessions. You may like as few as five sessions or as many as you feel is necessary to achieve your results. The number of sessions will be determined between us and can be adjusted as we move through the therapeutic process. 


Will I be covered by my Insurance?

It depends on the type of plan you have. Many plans do cover Counselling while others do not. I advise that you check with your insurance company or your employer’s HR department prior for us starting our sessions. 


Assuming that your plan does cover Counselling, you will pay me for the services and I will issue you an invoice so you can submit it with your claim for reimbursement.


What happens if I need to cancel?

24 hours notice is required for cancelled sessions, this can be done by email or text.

Less than 24 hours notice will not be refunded. Exceptional circumstances may be considered.  



How does payment work?

As this is an online service, payment can be easily and safely processed by clicking on the Book Now button on the site menu. You may use any of the major credit cards, debit cards or Paypal. If you are in Canada you can also pay through e-transfer to:



What happens in the Free 30 Min consultation?

The Free 30 min constellation is not a regular counselling session. It tends to focus on getting to know each other to evaluate compatibility to work together in a therapeutic setting,  briefly discuss what brings your to counselling and answer any questions you may have about me and my work. Please feel free to bring your questions.



What do I need to prepare for the session?

It is important that you are ready for the session, in a place that is safe, private and quiet to best participate in the session. The bigger screen you have the better you will be able to see my face, so do your best to have a good position to engage.


Please ensure any other devices (such as a phone) are turned to off or switched to flight mode to ensure your conversation remains private.


I would encourage you to have a separate notebook and a pen for our sessions in case there are some notes you may like to take during the session or written exercises we may do together. 


Ensure your technology can work and please, don’t stress if something goes wrong. It can happen and we can adapt as we need to.



Why do I need to fill out forms before I even attend a session?

There are three reasons for the assessments I ask you to complete for me.

The first reason is to ensure I conduct some due diligence in terms of your suitability for counselling with me online. Some situations are outside of my scope of practice and in certain cases you may be in a situation that is best served by someone else.


The second reason is that these assessments take time and I didn’t want them to detract from the session, I feel our time is better spent talking about what you want, rather than filling out forms.


The third reason is for you to be aware of your rights and obligations as a client, prior to us commencing our work.



Does online therapy/counselling work?

Studies have been conducted around the efficacy of online counselling and have found that it can be as effective as face to face appointments in some cases more effective (depending on the client’s circumstances).



Why online counselling?

Online counselling provides an opportunity for you to seek support without the impost of attending appointments during the day or leaving your home in the evening. It provides flexibility and privacy. In the current times we are living, in the midst of a pandemic, it feels safer for both you, the client and me, the therapist to work together online. If you are uncertain as to how online counselling works you can  book an intro session.


What platform will we use?

I take your privacy to be of the highest priority and have chosen my system according to its attention to security.


Our sessions will be conducted through Zoom. It offers end-to-end encryption to ensure your privacy. I will not be conducting sessions with Skype or Facetime as they do not meet international privacy standards.

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