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Holistic Counselling


Holistic Counselling, also known as Transpersonal counselling is a type of psychotherapy that focus on individual’s health as a whole. It sees the link between mind, body and spirit in a client’s life. During the holistic counselling sessions, clients will be supported  to explore their inner world and to understand how that connects to the challenges they face. Through the development of  self awareness, resilience and a change of perspective on the situations in their lives, clients develop their inner compass and strength to overcome their difficulties. Transpersonal counselling looks into behaviours and social constraints that impact, mental, body and spiritual health.

Part of its goal is to helps clients awaken soul wisdom. Transpersonal Counselling  believes that life experiences are part of a journey for soul growth. It promotes living with purpose and balance. It brings an invitation to experience life through different lenses, broadening the context of our human experience with the goal of living a more fulfilled, purposeful and alive existence.

Another aspect of Transpersonal Counselling is the ability to support clients in search of developing or strengthening their spiritual path. It is worth noting that spirituality is not necessarily related to religion. A person can be spiritual and not have a religion. Spirituality, for me is a matter of the heart and of faith in a higher power that exists both in the Universe and inside ourselves. Some will call this energy God, others, will call it Cosmos, Universe, Life Force, Etheric Source, etc. I personally think that the intention of the word used is more important than the word itself.

As a Transpersonal Counsellor I see clients as whole human being and not broken ones, needing to be fixed. I perceive life’s transitions and challenges as gateways for conscious expansion and self development. The client is seen as a master of his/her/their own life. My role as a holistic therapist is to enhance this self mastery by shedding light in unnoticed areas of the clients behaviours and beliefs. Another important aspect of my work as a holistic counsellor is to provide a secure path to self exploration and resolution of issues, when in moments of turmoil. There are times in life when we do need a helping hand. In those moments, I come in.

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