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Make Peace With Anxiety


The word anxiety comes from the from Latin anxietatem which means anguish, uneasy, trouble in mind. It is an apprehension caused by danger, misfortune or the expectation of them occurring.

In our daily lives a certain dose of anxiety is a normal thing as it can be used as fuel to motivate us to move ahead in our goals. It is also an important factor for our safety as it alerts us of imminent danger or when things in our lives need to change.

The issue becomes when anxiety takes over our lives. I know how it is as I have experienced high anxiety myself. The constant running of future worst case scenarios, sleepless nights, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension, headaches, fatigue, sweaty palms, racing heart, shortness of breath and a panic feeling. When high anxiety is present, we feel powerless, lost, overwhelmed, unable to cope and hopeless. If anxiety escalates too much it can generate panic attacks. Panic attack is an overwhelming, abrupt feeling of fear that rises quickly, generating heart palpitations, shaking, sweats, shortness of breath.

I help clients overcome anxiety not by getting rid of it, but actually,  by making peace with it. Together, my clients and I investigate the root cause of anxiety, give new meanings to past experiences, face fears, challenge irrational thoughts, identify triggers, learn to focus on one thing at a time, learn to catch themselves before anxiety hits in full mode, develop a sense of being more present and calm which is a pathway to make peace with anxiety.

I know that when high anxiety hits, it feels terrible but I also do know that living FREE of it is possible. I am the living proof of this. If I am able to do it, I know that you are too! If you are ready to start your anxiety-free journey, hit the book now button and let’s do it!


I leave you with a thought:

“You cannot change the past but you CAN change your present and that will open all sorts of new possibilities for your future.”  Soul Free Therapies

If you want to take a test to check if anxiety is present in your life or if your mindset is making you more prone to develop anxiety, please click this link from Psychology Today

Please note this is informative and for entertainment only and does not substitute the need for a full evaluation by a qualified professional.

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