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Inner Goddess Discovery Journey

This work is based on the content from the Inner Goddess Healing Cards channelled by Monica Queiroz. 
In these sessions you and I will work closely together connecting to the stunning energy healing of these cards to awaken the power of the Divine Feminine in you. 
This is a series of three, one-hour sessions, done biweekly, plus one bonus 30 minute follow up session to be booked up to 3 months after the last session ends. The follow up session is designed to assess your progress and adjust your inspired action plan. Client is responsible for booking the follow up session when needed.

In each of these sacred sessions we will draw upon the wisdom of 3 cards from the deck combined with crystals, mandalas, meditation, mantras  and sound blessings to bring in awareness, understanding and energy healing to the parts of your life you want to improve or heal. 

Some possible goals for these sessions:

  • Find your voice and your courage.

  • Learn to lovingly assert yourself.

  • Set clear boundaries.

  • Reconnect to your creative force.

  • Let go of whatever does not serve you anymore.

  • Awaken your intuition.

  • Break free from mistaken beliefs that keep in stuck.



For these sessions please bring a glass of water, pen, paper, an open heart and willingness to reclaim your power and better understand yourself.


You do not need to have the cards for these sessions but if you want to purchase them, they are available here.

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