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Strengthen Relationships


When we talk about relationships we tend to think mostly of love ones but in reality it is encompass a way broader spectrum of experiences. We, humans, are social creatures that crave human interaction. Having relationships is part of our lives and a great contributor to our growth as humans. Through relationships we learn to care for one another, to collaborate with each other, we feel needed by our group and important in contributing to its existence. Whether work, or personal, love, family or friends, relationships are important to us. At the same time they can be quite challenging as in them the needs, thoughts,  beliefs and desires of different people with different perspectives and upbringing need to come together.


Families are the fabric of our society. How we navigate our relationships in our families has a direct impact on how we feel as individuals. We, as individuals, share a pull for individualization which is the need to feel we are our own selves. At the same time, we also share a pull towards togetherness, the need to be with someone, be part of a group and to feel we belong somewhere.

Romantic relationships are no exception. With the complexities of our modern life, to advance in relationship skills is primordial to succeed in our relationships. In my practice I constantly see that what once started as exciting, interesting, mesmerizing and fresh, can become stale, competitive, suffocating and hard to deal with.

Couples and families come to therapy for many different reasons. Sometimes they cannot see eye to eye or they face communication challenges, or different points of views in how to deal with money, children, work-life balance, habits, priorities, etc.

In our sessions we explore what is important for the couple, develop strategies to deal with upsets and difficulties, talk about commitment, values, how to build connection and intimacy, how to reconnect with one another, etc.

Life is full of ups and downs, sometimes it is normal to feel that something is out of place and that change is needed. During those moments, when we cannot clearly see what really needs change, we may feel impatient and blame our partners for how we feel inside. An impartial point of view can be very beneficial in those moments, not to damage the relationship. That is what I offer to my clients, a safe, sound space for reconnecting, understanding each other, build trust and partnership. If you are struggling in your relationship and need help, you can take your first step to improve your relationship by booking your first session. BOOK NOW !

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