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Family Constellations


Family Constellation is a therapeutic modality developed by German Therapist & Philanthropist, Bert Helinger. After spending many years as a priest in Africa, among members of a Zulu tribe, he returned to Germany where he left the church and studied many methods of therapies based on breath & body, Gestalt, Family System, PNL and others. These methods helped Hellinger observe patterns and repetitions that happen in family groups through generations.Pains, hurts, beliefs, secrets, illnesses, difficulties in relationships, traumas, break in bond among family members are examples of repetitive patterns & inheritances unconsciously passed down from prior generations to current ones. In the past we used to believe that we would only inherit the physical characteristics of our families, but currently studies of epigenetic show that much more is transferred through generations.

According to Family Constellations behaviours, fears, traumas can pass down as we are all connected to a morphogenetic field that connects us and our experiences collectively.

Family constellations work connects with this morphogenetic field and sheds light to these hidden patterns in order to release them and create harmony and well being for the client and for the system as a whole.


Family Constellations describes dynamic orders of love that helps create order & harmony in family groups:

  • Order of Belonging: Every member has the right and the need to belong to the family group.

  • Order of Hierarch: There is a hierarch in the family group.

  • Order of Balance: There is a need for a balance between giving and taking in the relationships in the family group.


When a group follows these orders, members feel wellbeing and harmony. When a group does not follow these orders illness and suffering permeates the group.

Family Constellation is a brief type of therapy as it aims to solve one issue at a time. In a session the therapist recreates the family group and gets in touch with its morphogenetic field to identify the root cause of the unbalance. The final goal is to bring balance and harmony back to the system.

  • Family Constellation can help in many areas, such as:

  • Family relationship issues

  • To break from repetitive harmful patterns

  • To understand oneself

  • To help solve love relationship difficulties

  • To solve financial blockages

  • Understand the root cause to self sabotage


Family Constellation sessions are offered online for individually and groups. Individual sessions take approximately 2 hours. Group sessions are offered from time to time and usually take approximately 3 to 4 hours, depending on the number of participants.

If you are interested in a Family Constellation session, book a free introductory 15 minute session so we can discuss the details. Please Click Here

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