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Therapy for the Mind, Heart & Soul.  

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I Am Here To Help You With...

Lonely Traveller

Focus on


How is your relationship with yourself?


Do you Struggle With:

Anxiety, Depression, Self-Worth, Inner-Criticism, Self-Compassion, Traumas

Lovers Hug

Focus on Your Relationships

What difficulties do you face in relationships?

Do you Struggle With:

Boundaries, Conflict, Distancing,  Repetitive Patterns, Break Ups

Mount Fuji

Focus on Transcending Life

How do you experience Spirituality in your life?


Explore Your:

Intuition, Empathy, Mindfulness, Chakra Alignment, Reiki-Energy Healing

Embark on a Gateway to Well Being

Life changes can be scary...

People tend to attach their self worth to how well their lives are going. When life's circumstances change quickly it is common for us to want to hide from the facts, blame others for the situation, get stuck in victim roles, or even straight up panic!  Most of us have not been taught by our families of origin to seek out help for our difficulties in life.


Many people think....

If they admit they need help with a  problem it means that they are broken, unworthy, or not capable enough to deal with it. In reality, admitting your problem is part of being human living the human experience. We are social beings, wired to connect and support each other.  If you are reading this and are searching for some help, I want you to know that you are deserving of support. In my work, I help people sort through their mistaken beliefs so they can get to the truth of who they really are.  To know more about my services, click Here

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What are people saying...

Reconnect to Self

"Thank you for the sessions we did together. It was the beginning of a new journey for me and you helped me stay solid on rocky ground. I have learned since then to really embrace my imperfections and love myself for who I am."

J.B. - Vancouver - Canada

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