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Comments from Clients

"I have suffered with depression and anxiety most of my adult life. Before meeting you, Monica, I was in a dark place, my energy was low and my self-awareness I realize now looking back was limited. I often isolated myself from the world and did not trust others easily. Meeting you was a blessing, a breath of fresh air and I’ve been forever transformed. You have helped me bring colour back into my life, has helped me calm my many anxieties and continues to support me balancing my energy when needed. You have a very special way of aiding in one’s spiritual/life journey.

Every time we meet I walk away reflecting on how uplifted and lighter I feel. There’s something truly magical and healing about you! Over the years I have experienced many healing shifts in your presence and have gained so much valuable insight from you, you're the real deal and beyond gifted…you're a gift!" O.M. – Vancouver, B.C.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the sessions we did together. It was the beginning of a new journey for me and you helped me stay solid on rocky ground. I have learned since then to really embrace my imperfections and love myself for who I am. I've really learned to be open with my vulnerability to connect with people more. I feel a lot more empowered and that couldn't have been done without your guidance.Thanks again." J.B. - Vancouver - Canada

"I don't know if you have ever felt a feeling of losing control of everything, feeling completely lost and exposed. Moments in life, where problems feel like a strong hurricane, you want to avoid but you can't. Well, I have had several moments like that. Monica, you have helped me recover from several of these moments of turmoil by helping feel grounded when everything else is shaking. You have strong techniques and wisdom to help me get back on track. Life is process and not a magic trick but you certainly has magical cards up your sleeve. 😃" N. K. - Vancouver, B.C.

"Thank you for all your support. You are a wonderful person, and I really admire you. I continue to use what you've taught me to calm myself down so I can understand what is happening when I feel the urge  to overdramatize things. To change this aspect of my personality and to drop my concern about what others think about me  is a daily exercise." J.M.  - Vancouver, B.C

"Monica the time I spent with you was key in reminding me to look after myself and to put myself as first priority in my life. What a wonderful connection with such a special woman." N.G - Vancouver, B.C.

"Monica you are very intuitive. You are very aware of my energy levels and help me connect with my feelings. Your work with Reiki, meditation, mindfulness is extraordinary and has helped me many times. I feel that your lightness, charisma and kindness have been essential components in my healing journey. I feel uplifted and confident after our sessions. Thank you, Monica" T.M. - Milan, Italy

Monica has the power to calm you down only with her presence in the room.

I started to do therapy with her, and in a few sessions, I felt that I had chosen the right person to manage my inner ghosts. She is a sweet and kind person who understands you in a few seconds. Also, she is super fun ... It is impossible not to feel comfortable in her presence and let go of what scares us every day.

She is a fantastic counsellor, so I definitely recommend her.


Monica é aquele ser de luz que quando aparece te acalma só com a presença dela.

Comecei terapia com ela e mesmo em poucas sessões eu já senti que tinha escolhido a pessoa certa para trabalhar meus fantasmas internos. Ela é um doce de pessoa, te entende só com um olhar, empática e divertida... impossível não se se sentir à vontade com ela e soltar o que nos aflige por dentro.

Super profissional, mais do que recomendada por mim. - Vancouver, B.C.

Monica has helped me to organize my ideas, and past experiences. Besides her Counselling abilities, she also provides tools to cope with your challenges.Things like journalling, homework, essential oils and music therapy helped me a lot in between sessions. I highly recommend her services both as a self-development/self-care routine and in moments of difficult challenges. - F.R.Vancouver, B.C.

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