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Let the energy of these Powerful Goddesses be your guide in your emotional healing journey

The Goddess Healing Cards


Tap into your own strengths to awaken the Goddess that YOU ARE!

This Goddess Healing Cards is designed to heal your emotions, restore your self-confidence, reignite your self-love and awaken your intuition. The inspiration to the content of these Sacred Cards has been given to us by our heavenly friends in the Spirit Kingdom. These Sacred Cards act as mirrors to reflect the beauty, wisdom and strength of your soul’s divine essence. Following its path will increase your intuition and expand your perception of life. It contains prayers, mantras and exercises to guide you in this inner journey.


A deck comprised of 31 beautifully designed cards, filled with reflections, empowering exercises, mantras, prayers, mandalas and much more. Developed to sustain you in your deep dive onto your own self.


Are you ready to AWAKEN the Goddess inside you?

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