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Let the energy of these Powerful Goddesses be your guide in your emotional healing journey

The Goddess Healing Cards


Tap into your own strengths to awaken the Goddess that YOU ARE!

This Goddess Healing Cards is designed to heal your emotions, restore your self-confidence, reignite your self-love and awaken your intuition. The inspiration to the content of these Sacred Cards has been given to us by our heavenly friends in the Spirit Kingdom. These Sacred Cards act as mirrors to reflect the beauty, wisdom and strength of your soul’s divine essence. Following its path will increase your intuition and expand your perception of life. It contains prayers, mantras and exercises to guide you in this inner journey.


A deck comprised of 31 beautifully designed cards, filled with reflections, empowering exercises, mantras, prayers, mandalas and much more. Developed to sustain you in your deep dive onto your own self.


Are you ready to AWAKEN the Goddess inside you?

Start your journey right now! ORDER The Goddess Healing Cards:

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What Guidance does this Counsel of Goddesses has to offer you?

A short message from these Goddesses to you today…

Goddess of Accomplishment

You may be feeling unsure of your capacity to achieve your dreams and are longing for a boost of energy to help you regain focus and act towards your goals with more confidence.


The Goddess of Accomplishment enters your energy field inviting you to adopt a laser-focus stance towards what is important in your life. She brings you the resourcefulness of the Spider Spirit Animal as a reminder that you already possess the inner strength and resources to charge ahead more assertively.


This is a very prosperous moment, and the Goddess wants you to take advantage of it. Use your strategic mind to take the steps necessary to manifest your desired outcome.


The Universe is listening to you right now. 

Goddess of Inner Value

Maybe you have been trying too hard to fit in with what you think people want from you or you may be compromising parts of your true self in hopes to be accepted and understood by people in your life.

The Goddess of Inner Value is here to remind you of your truth and your own uncompromisable values.


Are you clear about them?


Do you live by them?


Do you tend to sacrifice them to please others?

If you have been crystal clear about your values and are living by them, the Goddess of Inner Value involves you with rays of reassurance so that you are on the right path. But if you have not been clear about your values, this Goddess tells you it is time to change that.


The Universe is abundant and infinite. When you live by your truth, respecting your own values, you open space for people that are aligned with your true self to show up in your life.


Goddess of Sensuality

Perhaps you have been struggling with your self image, not accepting yourself as you are or having troubles expressing the sensual being that you are.


The Goddess of Sensuality enters your energy field today to reassure you of your own beauty and sensuality. She reminds you that you are perfect just the way you are . She points you in the direction of embracing your femininity as it is an important part of reconnecting with self love.

If you tend to compare yourself to other women and sometimes feel less than them, this empowered goddess reminds you of your own gifts of authenticity.


She is here to support you to fall in love with your own self, and find pleasure in your life and in your body.


Are you ready?

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